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Katherine Russian
Lentner Technology Integrators
12 Godfrey Pl, 2 West
Wilton, CT 06897
Security (Technology)


Katherine Russian is the Director of Business Development for Lentner Technology Integrators, servicing Fairfield & Westchester Counties, and with additional clients and offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Fort Meyers.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Katherine has a long background in the restaurant and live music industry with management and ownership in 7 different entities affiliated with Eat Well, Drink Better Entertainment Inc.  Having been on the operations end of all aspects associated in the business, she learned the hard way what it was like to receive a punitive fine in a health inspection, to not know when employees might be arriving or leaving work, to have inefficient or redundant processes or worst case, if the restaurant were to be compromised due to theft or burglary. 

How do you possibly have eyes on all aspects of your intellectual property you need to protect?  How do you get an alert that tells you your refrigerator isn’t chilled enough or perhaps your food temps are failing you before they are even broken or the food has expired?  How do you retain data reporting (that is not manually gathered by staff) for long periods of time should you have litigious claims even months after an incident?  How do you manage your number one priority of customer service and still have visibility into the back of house operations?

Katherine has dealt with it all.  With Lentner Technology, we are here to show you that owning a restaurant or managing it doesn’t require 24/7 boots on the ground in order to have insight on your business, and better yet doesn’t require the cost of having someone manage it for you.  We are here to give you a break, manage your physical space and give you the opportunity to fix a problem prior to a financial or legal loss.  Lentner has cloud managed security cameras, cloud managed sensor readings that can also pair with the cameras, cloud managed network solutions, and cloud managed communication platforms to help effectively deliver information to specific teams at any time.

Mitigate Your Risk Pro-Actively
Manage Multiple Physical Locations in One Unique Interface
Architect the Data You Care to Be Informed On
Secure Your Network and Physical Boundaries
Communicate with your management, employees and vendors efficiently